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Are you looking for a paid summer job where you can serve at an incredible place with amazing people who desire to see lives impacted for God's glory? We are looking for college age young adults who have an authentic and growing relationship with Jesus to serve alongside us this summer. We have the privilege to serve over 30,000 guests from all over the country between May and August! We offer an opportunity for those in the program to learn and develop skills that are useful in future careers and everyday life. Through training and hands-on experience, you will learn about the responsibilities and rewards that come with a variety of work roles.

Come be part of our Ridgecrest Summer Staff Program which is more than a job; it will transform your life! You will receive meals and shared, dorm-style housing in addition to your pay. Your spiritual walk will be challenged through your job duties as well as small group interaction and fellowship. Staffers will also attend weekly chapel services, participate in planned activities, serve together and have free time to enjoy God's creation.


  • Authentic, growing relationship with Jesus
  • Desire to serve others with excellence and grace
  • Affirm and abide by LifeWay Christian Resources' Statement of Faith and Policies
  • Eligible to work in the United States
  • Serve full-time hours in assigned work areas
  • Be willing to serve on other conference center teams to provide support during busy times
  • Strong, clear communication skills -Self-motivated
  • Flexible and Teachable
  • Mature
  • Mentally, physically, and emotionally able to work long, busy days with hard work
  • Attend required weekly chapel service and bible study
  • Attend all required activities and service projects as scheduled

Would you consider joining our team and being part of impacting lives for God's glory?

Job Descriptions:

The Food Service department offers an excellent opportunity to work and learn about the various functions of a large food service operation in a Christian setting. This will help you develop customer service and organizational skills. You will work side by side as a team player in a diverse setting. There are three specific areas you can apply for:

  • Front of House/Catering
    This includes working the buffet lines in the dining room and catered events throughout campus.

  • Food and Retail Outlets
    Quick service operations including our coffee shop, ice cream shop, and retail shop.

  • Kitchen/Food Preparation 
    Food Preparation as a Ministry. Be a part of a strong team in all aspects of food preparation including entrees, salads, bakery, clean up, dishes, organization. Receive plenty of training and learn marketable skills.


This department provides a welcoming setting for our customers by keeping things clean and safe. Starting each day with a devotion and prayer, our team works together to get the job done. There are three areas in Guest Spaces that you will get to be a part of:

  • Housekeeping - this job is very physically challenging, but is rewarding to be a part of helping the guest to relax, focus, and renew. Responsibilities include refreshing the guest room and thorough room cleaning. Bending, stooping, lifting, and guest interaction are an integral part of this job. Independent and team-working skills are a must!
  • Custodial - do you enjoy a fast-paced work environment and moving from place to place? Come join our Custodial unit! Custodial duties include maintaining public areas such as restrooms, lobbies, elevators, and floors. Be a part of setting the stage where all the action takes place! lt is a physically challenging but rewarding job that has a lot of guest interaction!
  • Laundry - our Laundry Unit could just be the job for you to hone your skills. Responsibilities include folding, sorting, bundling, washing, and delivering supplies. Laundry is physically challenging work that includes standing for long periods of time, bending, stooping, and lifting. Come be a part of an impressive laundry facility that produces 36-40 loads per day!


There are three specific areas within this department, so please specify which you prefer when applying.

AVCS Audio Technician - The role of the Audio Technician Summer Staff is to provide excellent, intentional, problem-solving audio engineering support to groups on the Ridgecrest Conference Center campus. Success in this position results in our guests, bands, and artists being served the best live sound experience possible in any of our venues and conference meeting spaces.

  • Responsibitlies and Duties
  • Assists the Chief Audio Technician in running live sound for events on campus.
  • Being good with people, interacting in a professional manner with speakers and artists on stage
  • Organizes and owns the storage of all audio gear across campus in any of our AV closet locations.
  • Helps to carry out maintenance on designated audio systems, applications, and equipment.
  • Work in close proximity over long hours with your team members especially lighting technicians
  • Researches trends and advancements in audio engineering and reports on them to the Chief Audio Technician bi-weekly.
  • Qualifications
  • 2-3 years of experience running live sound (3-5 years is preferred)
  • Has skill in running sound on both analog and digital consoles, setting up and breaking down PA systems, and basic computer literacy
  • Certifications in AQIP (Audio Over Internet Protocol) i.e. Dante or similar* 
  • A background in electrical work i.e. soldering, wiring, audio cabling repair

*preferred but not required

AVCS Lighting Technician - The role of the Lighting Technician Summer Staffer is to provide excellent, intentional, problem-solving lighting engineering support to groups on the Ridgecrest Conference Center campus. Success in this position results in our guests, bands, and artists being served the best lighting experience possible in any of our venues and conference meeting spaces.

  • Responsibitlies and Duties
  • Assists the Chief Lighting Technician in running lighting for events on campus.
  • Organizes and owns the storage of all lighting gear across campus in any of our AV closet locations.
  • Helps to carry out maintenance on designated lighting systems, applications, and equipment.
  • Create and customize lighting experiences for various events and artists
  • Being good with people, interacting in a professional manner with speakers and artists on stage
  • Drinking coffee...lots of it
  • Work in close proximity over long hours with your team members especially audio people
  • Qualifications
  • 2-3 years of experience running lighting (3-5 years is preferred)
  • Has skill in operating lighting consoles, setting up and breaking down systems, and basic computer literacy
  • Must be self-motivated, has a solid work ethic, has good interpersonal skills, good problem-solving skills, enjoys working as a part of a team, and a strong willingness and desire to learn
  • Experience with the Chroma-Q Vista 3 software* 
  • Must be able and prepared to do a good amount of walking and physical labor i.e. moving tables, chairs, lighting equipment, etc.
  • Being able to handle heights from a ladder or catwalk
  • A good sense of humor
  • Abundant creativity
  • A love of coffee Tea is also acceptable
   *preferred but not required

AVCS Back of House - Clean and set-up classrooms and Auditoriums creating a space that is both functional and inviting for our guests. Receive and deliver packages for guest and employees

  • Responsibitlies and Duties
  • Clean classrooms floors and corners with vacuum cleaner.
  • Wipe down any surface that is dirty: can lids, podiums, water stations. Etc.
  • Reports any items that need repair: broken chairs, torn or stained carpet, Damaged walls, classroom equipment etc.
  • Able to move and set-up tables and chairs in configurations that will meet guest needs. (requiring strength and stamina).
  • Understand detailed instructions on conference space set up, with an eye for detail, a servant heart and attitude
  • Set-up AV equipment in classrooms as needed, checking to see if it is properly placed and in working order.
  • Operation of loading dock. Receiving and delivering packages to guest and employees. Entering packages into receiving log. Keeping dock area clean and organized.
  • Qualifications
  • Desire to make a huge impact for God's Glory behind the scenes.
  • Good work ethic
  • Able to lift 50 lbs. repeatedly
  • Like strong coffee
  • Follow directions well
  • Good eye for detail


The Creative Design Summer Staffer is responsible for providing support to the Marketing Department through a variety of channels, including social media, video production, photography, product design, advertising and others as assigned. Must be proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, have excellent communication (written and verbal) and administrative skills and possess the ability to work independently and complete assigned tasks within identified time frames. Applicant must be a team player who is organized, dependable, detail-oriented and a quick learner. As a summer staffer it is Ridgecrest’s desire that you not only provide great content but learn and grow as a designer while you are in this position. While having a design summer staffer is a great benefit to Ridgecrest we want to set you up for success while at Ridgecrest and for your future after the summer.

Adventure Recreation staff work hard so our guests can play! Adventure Recreation staff facilitate the high ropes course, climbing tower, zipline, organized group games, team-building activities, laser tag, sports tournaments and assist with daily operations at the Rec Shack. Taking a team approach, Adventure Recreation staff will also serve in other areas, such as Guest Spaces, when needed. Applicants must have a positive attitude, good sense of humor, strong communication skills, be detail oriented and self-motivated. Adventure Recreation staff must be open to learning, be flexible, hardworking, and willing to serve coworkers and guests. Previous high ropes course and/or rock-climbing experience is preferred but not required. Work is physically demanding. Applicants must be able to work on high ropes course and able to perform key job responsibilities at heights in a variety of weather conditions. Must have a willingness to grow personally, and professionally in a fast-paced Christian environment.


Culture & Program:

While serving at Ridgecrest we expect you to learn, and live out our Mission. We also expect you to know and live out our Core Values. Our program sets us apart from a normal summer job. This is a safe place to grow in your walk with the Lord and deepen your relationship with Him. We have chapel service and bible study each week that staffers are expected to attend. There will be events, enrichment, and service projects throughout the summer. Some of these will be required and many will be optional. We have Assistant Coordinators that will be available to you anytime throughout the summer. Their desire is to help you grow spiritually and encourage Christ like behavior. They will be intentional in praying for you and checking in with you. They will oversee planning and organizing events, service projects, activities, chapel services, and more. Some departments will have staffers called Leads that will run shifts and have more responsibility put on them. Housing is provided, and rooms are similar to a college dorm. There will be a community space, kitchen, and laundry room available for you to use. Meals are provided and available 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in our dining room. If you are looking for a unique experience with great community to encourage your life then this is the place to be! For more information, please contact Chris Fenske at chris.fenske@lifeway.com or 828-669-3589.

Q & A:

Can I request my roommates?
Sure! We will do our best to honor your request. We will send you a questionnaire to fill out to help match people up well.

What are the rooms like?
We offer dorm-style housing with 3 twin beds in each room. Your room will also include a sink, chair, closet, and storage area. There are on hall common bathrooms with private stalls.

What is the community space?
We have an air conditioned space available for you to gather with friends for fellowship. There are cozy sitting areas for relaxing or games and puzzles to keep you entertained. The kitchen is located within this space for your convenience.

Do I get time off?
Absolutely. Everyone gets at least 1 day off each week with no obligations to Ridgecrest.

How many hours will I have to work each week?
It is hard to nail down specific hours since each department is so unique. Plan on about 50 hours each week being designated to Ridgecrest. That includes chapel, Elevate groups, service projects, activities and scheduled work time.

How many staffers are in the program?
Our goal is to hire around 105 incredible team members this summer.

What is chapel?
Once a week we gather as a group to encounter Jesus by having church together. This will include worship time and a message from a team member or a local pastor.

What is Elevate?
We want to give you the opportunity to be a part of something that will help take your faith to the next level. There will be a variety of groups to choose from based on your interests. Some examples are; The Power of your Testimony, Biblical Health and Fitness, Scripture Journaling, Personal Development, Finances God’s Way, Being Mission Minded.

What is enrichment?
We offer hands on experience such as outdoor survival skills, changing a tire, baking, wood working, planting, sharing the gospel and more. These will be scheduled at all different times throughout the summer, and we hope you will participate in them.

What are the service projects like?
We highly encourage staffers to give back by participating in service projects throughout the summer. There will be many to choose from based upon your work schedule and interest. Most range from 2-4 hours of time. Some things available to do are garbage pick up, vbs at local churches, letter writing, visiting people at nursing homes, landscaping at the children’s home, etc.

What is enrichment?
We offer hands on experience such as outdoor survival skills, changing a tire, baking, wood working, planting, sharing the gospel and more. These will be scheduled at all different times throughout the summer, and we hope you will participate in them.

Is there any fun time?
Of course. We plan optional weekly activities, and since we are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is a lot to see and do. Some things we have on campus are volleyball, mini golf, gaga ball, baseball, basketball, corn hole, badminton, disc golf and more.

How large is Ridgecrest?
We are on 1,300 acres, have over 650 lodging rooms, and host nearly 65,000 guests every year.

Quotes from Summer Staffers:

Each day was an adventure whether at work or with friends.
Ridgecrest has shaped me in more ways than I can count. I have grown so much as a believer and as a leader. I am so thankful for the two summers I’ve been able to spend on staff and for the life-long friendships that I’ve made here.
Part of our mission statement here at Ridgecrest is cultivating experiences. As part of rec staff you get to do that everyday. Whether it's helping kids have fun on the ropes course or at laser tag, or helping them face their fears. You get to encourage kids to have experiences that they remember for a long time.
Getting to be on summer staff at Ridgecrest for two summers has been THE BEST! It is such a wonderful way to serve the Lord and His people. I grew in my faith, learned valuable skills, & had so much fun! The environment and the team members you work along side of are encouraging and intentional. It was a unique opportunity to create lasting friendships with people from all over the world. Thankful that this is a place where Jesus is our center and everything flows from that.
While at Ridgecrest the past two summers, I learned how to truly be open and honest with those around me without the facades I typically put up. I was able to develop meaningful relationships with the fellow summer staff. Through these deeper relationships, I gained a community that has held me accountable and helped me grow in my walk with Christ. Ridgecrest has changed my life for the better in so many ways and I couldn't have chosen a better way to spend my summer.
There are 3 C’s in life: Choice, Chance, and Change. I took the CHOICE of coming to Ridgecrest this summer. This choice brought me to a beautiful place where God is present and working. I took the CHANCE of opening up and trusting God. Taking this chance allowed me to make amazing friendships and to see God work with me and help me grow. In the end the CHANGE was huge I learned to have faith in God and that He'd lead me to the purpose He has for me.