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Spilman Auditorium
Classrooms: 3 to 9 rooms based on desired partition usage
Auditorium: 2,100 capacity, chair seating with pew seating in balcony

From the best in contemporary Christian music concerts to commissioning services for missionaries about to embark on a lifetime of dedication, this historic auditorium has hosted countless meetings where the Spirit of God was truly at work. Outside, the classic lines of the bright white columns against the rich stoneworked walls offers guests a sense of both celebration and grandeur. Inside, the cheerful colors and beautiful lighting add energy and life to any meeting it hosts. One only needs to glance at the sound room to know there are limitless sound, stage, lighting and special effect capabilities for this 2,000-seat facility, making it ideal for large conferences or events. Behind the massive auditorium, Spilman also includes plenty of classroom space.

Spilman Audiovisual
Ridgecrest Conference Center (RCC) is now able to offer a camera system for our guests who use Spilman Auditorium. This camera system consists of 3 high definition cameras that are in fixed-mounted manned positions (left, center and right camera angles), a Production Room (off stage out of the auditorium for ease of communication and space), three front screens and a rear confidence screen for stage display. We offer the use of these systems in several different pricing packages in order to better accommodate the budgets of our various events. 

Package #1: $100 per day + $250 per day Spilman AV Fee
Rental of RCC cameras
Event provides camera operators
Event has supervised used of production room & 4 screens
RCC tech runs camera switcher

Package #2: $400 per day + $250 per day Spilman AV Fee
Rental of RCC cameras
RCC tech staff operates cameras and the switcher
Event has supervised use of production room & 4 screens

In addition to these packages, groups still have the option of bringing in their own camera systems and fully operating them on their own with their own staff (no additional charge; $250 daily Spilman AV fee still applies). However, if a group decides to opt out of using the Ridgecrest camera system packages in order to bring their own, they will not have access to the Ridgecrest production room and all operations of our screens will not be available (including limited configuration of the way things are displayed on those screens). Other considerations include that power and location are limited to inside the auditorium. Due to fire code regulations and safety considerations, groups are no longer able to operate a "video world" set up outside of Spilman Auditorium.  

Other options for groups include running their own media (from the Front of House booth, not from the Production Room) or reserving a RCC tech to operate the group's media from our Production Room (this requires all scripts, song lists and other media be provided in advance so that RCC can provide the most seamless operation possible). All requests must be made 2 weeks or more before the group's arrival date. RCC will not be able to accommodate last minute (within the 2-week time-frame) requests for use of the camera equipment.

Please also ask about our streaming and recording options (additional charges will apply).