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LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center has chosen to honor one of its best friends, T.W. Wilson, with the creation of the T.W. Wilson Memorial Prayer Garden. T.W. was a childhood friend and life-long associate of the Rev. Billy Graham and a long time resident of the Black Mountain community.

The T.W. Wilson Prayer Garden is located just below Rutland Chapel and is surrounded by the natural beauty of mountain laurel and rhododendron. This beautiful setting, combined with a cool hardwood canopy and the gentle sounds of a spring-fed creek, have created a special place for quiet reflection with our Lord. It has become the focal point on campus for personal prayer and reflection, as well as for small group devotionals.

"One morning my 3 children and I spread out in the prayer garden and each had our own personal time alone with God. It was a beautiful time and a great part of our vacation."

"My family's time on Sunday morning in the T.W. Wilson Prayer Garden was a special time."

"We especially enjoyed the 'Prayer Garden.' It was such a peaceful place as well as beautiful. It caused you to marvel at God's handiwork."