FUGE Camps

July 6, 2018 - July 10, 2018

Matt Papa

Matt Papa is a minister & recording artist based out of Raleigh, North Carolina where he lives with his wife, Lauren, & their three daughters, Paisley, Stella, & Sofi. Matt is as likely to quote G.K. Chesterton in casual conversation as he is to describe himself as a “weird dude.” He is a delightful combination of gifted musician and songwriter, loving husband and father, and inquisitive theologian. And with all those roles and attributes, he remains ever-focused on a singular goal: help people see the beauty and glory of Jesus. For over a decade, Matt has been writing & recording songs that are saturated with God’s Truth. To Papa, a song is more than just lyrics & melody-it’s a sermon people remember. His latest studio release, “Look & Live”, is a loud & liberating call to people everywhere to break the chains of boredom, addiction, & idolatry…not ultimately by trying harder but by experiencing a greater thrill-the beauty & glory of God. At the heart of Papa’s ministry is a vision to see the nations worship the One True God; to that end, Matt radically leverages his life, his ministry, & his music.


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