FUGE Camps

July 5, 2019 - July 9, 2019

North Carolina Homespun Museum

111 Grovewood Road
Asheville, NC 28804

(828) 253-7651

The North Carolina Homespun Museum presents a historical overview of Biltmore Industries and its internationally renowned wool cloth. Originally located in Biltmore Village, then relocated to North Asheville, this weaving industry had an important economic impact on the region from 1901 through the 1940's. Demand for Biltmore Homespun even reached the White House and several foreign countries. The museum showcases memorabilia including letters, artifacts, woven samples and tailored suits. Photographs depict highlights from the active years of the industry, beginning with its origin as a craft education program supported by Edith Vanderbilt, its growth under the well-connected Fred Seely, and its revitalization by Asheville businessman Harry Blomberg. Visitors can also watch a 15 minute video on the history of Biltmore Industries and occasionally observe a weaving demonstration on an antique 4-harness loom.


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