FUGE Camps

June 10, 2019 - June 14, 2019

Bethany Barr Phillips

Leading worship and sharing her story of healing, Bethany Barr Phillips takes eight years of church staff experience to the road with a vision to share the Gospel through worship by way of her new release: Bring This Heart to Life. This full-length worship project birthed a heart in this Mississippi native to dive in head first to what God is laying before she and her team as they share these songs full of Scripture and hope. Bethany shares, “As the band and I have traveled over the last several years, we have come across so many and were reminded that everyone has their struggles, no matter the age or place in life. So we wanted to address, through Scripture, many of those things we all come against in this world. Fear, insignificance, hopelessness, whatever, the Holy Spirit is the gift from God to walk with us through this life. We want to tell people Jesus is Who he says He is and, through trusting in Him by Holy Spirit, He will bring your heart to life.” She has opened for artists such as Audio Adrenaline and Toby Mac, as well as led worship on platforms with speakers like Scott Dawson, David Nasser, and Dr. Jay Strack; through these experiences, her heart for leading worship and seeing God move among His people only becomes greater as her opportunities increase.


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