Audiovisual technicians are on staff and certain AV equipment is available at no extra charge, which can mean significant savings.  

Other requests for audio/visual services should be presented to the Event Coordination department at least two weeks prior to your event, and will be charged according to request and availability.

All Classrooms include 1 microphone and speakers - n/c 

Audiovisual Equipment
(prices per day)                                          

Whiteboard with markers - n/c
Extension Cord - n/c
Podium - n/c          

Equipment - rental fees per day                   
CD Player (deck) - $15
TV - $20
DVD Player - $20
Additional Wired mic with stand and cable (where available) - $10
Video Projector W/Screen - $80
Flipchart w/ easel and markers - $15
Screen - $5
Piano Keyboard - $75

AVL Technician
$50.00 per person, per hour
$300.00 per person, per day

Delivery Fees
$5.00 per box or $75.00 per pallet.  An additional 15% service charge will apply to shipments that arrive at Ridgecrest outside of normal business hours (Mon-Fri, 8AM - 5PM).

Audiovisual Equipment and Technician rates quoted do not include 15% service charge.